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8,01 EUR*
Details Healing is Remembering Who You Are: A Guide for Healing Your Mind, Your Emotions, and Your Life

Healing Is Remembering Who You Are Healing is Remembering Who You Are is an uplifting book about finding your powerful healing essence within. Practical, inspirational, and easy-to read, you'll find many specific self-healing processes and ...

26,80 EUR*
Details Conjuring Hope: Healing and Magic in Contemporary Russia: Magic and Healing in Contemporary Russia (Epistemologies of Healing)

Conjuring Hope Notions of magic and healing have been changing over past years and are now understood as reflecting local ideas of power and agency, as well as structures of self, subjectivity and affect. This study focuses on contemporary urban ...

8,49 EUR*
Details Color Healing: A Practical Guide (Healing (Astrolog))

Colour Healing Ancient and modern healing techniques are given new life in this series of practical guides. Covering such diverse methods as treating the body's aura, applying the art of feng shui to the confines of a city home, and self-administering ...

12,92 EUR*
Details Healing Crystals India Natural Amethyst 4pcs Engraved Chakra Palm Stone Crystal Reiki Healing by Healing Crystals India

Thank You For Visiting TGS Edelsteine. Wir sind spezialisiert auf NatursteinUnd können Sie unsere Marke die an der Oberseite der Titel; finden Sie mehr Naturstein mit hoher Qualität und günstigen Preis Wenn Sie Fragen oder Fragen haben, bitte zögern ...

17,48 EUR*
Details The Well of Light: From Faery Healing to Earth Healing

The Well of Light This book contains a wealth of meditations, visions and ceremonies on earth-based spirituality, including unique material never before published. Faery healing is a form of spiritual healing known in folkloric tradition and implies a ...